[200q20v] Seat heaters

Mike Miller mikemilr at blackfoot.net
Wed Aug 30 17:54:21 EDT 2000

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: Hey all,
: I have had this problem for a bit and i guess now is finally the time to
: care of it. The seat heater on the driver's side of my car is not
: operational, not at all. I believe the passenger's side still works
: I have read the section on chris miller's page about the element fix, and
: am going to try that soon. But i have one question first, the backlight
: the seat heat control on the dash doen't light up, would this suggest a
: broken relay or anything like that, or is it just a broken bulb the needs
: be replaced? If so, how do i go about doing this? Just pry out the switch
: what (i dont want to do that without asking first, no need to break
: :)  )
:    Also, i think my rear window regulartor is shot. Window doesnt work,
: i tested the switches, and they all have the proper voltages and such. How
: much is a new reg motor from the dealership, and whats the p/n? or should
: pull one off a wrecked type 44?
:             thanks,
:              John Gronberg Jr.

My drivers side heater has been out for a while also, but, when I turn it
on, I can hear the relay click in the aux relay panel.

Re: the rear window. You're saying that the window won't operate from either
the drivers side master switch (make sure thatthe rear window over ride is
off) or the local switch?

mike miller

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