[200q20v] Rear Brakes available?

Greg Amy grega at pobox.com
Thu Aug 31 13:05:59 EDT 2000

Anyone have a set of rear brakes for the 200q20v or V8 that I could borrow
for a short while? I'd like to test-fit them on my neu-S4.
Turns out that the neu-S4 has 256x22 rear brakes, while the 200q20v and V8
have 269x20 (the new A8 has 269x22 and uses the same pads, different than
the 200q20v).

That extra 1/2 inch diameter (1/4 inch more radius swept area) may not make
much of a difference, but if it's inexpensive enough (used parts) it might
be helpful with the bigger front brakes I'm experimenting with.

Greg Amy

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