[200q20v] Re: 91tqa

Thomas J. Donohue, Jr. donohue at netconnx.net
Thu Aug 31 17:07:48 EDT 2000

David...yeah, when I re-read your message (after I sent mine) I saw that you
already have one!  I'll pass the info along to the list by a copy of this
message.  Regards, Tom Donohue

David Schaible wrote:

> one is enough....for now, but please let the 200q20v list know what is up
> with them
> At 03:53 PM 8/31/00 -0400, you wrote:
> >David...the wagon is Lago Blue and I bought it cheap from a local lawyer here
> >in Western Mass. who found an A8 that he had to have pronto.  I had my eye on
> >the car for over a year, knowing that this guy way an impulse buyer and would
> >find something sooner rather than later.  There are two more 20v Avants that
> >will be coming on the market soon, but I don't know the prices yet.  One is
> >owned by a local MD, the original owner, (also Lago Blue, slightly nicer
> >cosmetically to mine and about the same mileage 135k+/-) who is lusting after
> >an S4 Avant as soon as he can get his hands on one.  The other is owned by a
> >mechanic at the local Audi/VW/BMW dealership who picked it up a few years ago
> >on a tradein by the original owner at the dealership-it is extensively
> >modified...chipped, Brembos, 17" wheels, stainless exhaust, etc, etc, etc.
> >Pearl White with (I think) black.  Think it has sport seats too.  He is
> >talking around 13k and it should be available soon.  Let me know if you are
> >interested and I will keep closer track of them.  Regards, Tom Donohue
> >
> >David Schaible wrote:
> >
> >>
> >> i'm curious about your new to you auto, what color, how much $, where did
> >> you find it, also i think chris's diagnosis sounds on.
> >>
> >> david
> >>
> >> 91 200tqa
> >> 83 urq
> >
> >

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