[200q20v] windows was seat heaters

Chris Covington malth at umich.edu
Thu Aug 31 18:53:07 EDT 2000

Where is this rear override switch?  I've had the same problem on my 2c
since I got it, but didn't know of its existence.

Also re: the switches, is it possible that they are wired in parallel so
if one fails they both do?  That's the way it is on the CQ's passenger
side window.

'91 2cq

On Thu, 31 Aug 2000, -J J- wrote:

> >Re: the rear window. You're saying that the window won't operate from 
> >either
> >the drivers side master switch (make sure thatthe rear window over ride is
> >off) or the local switch?
> yes, the override switch is off.. I have tested the voltage in the switches 
> and i confirmed that both switches are operational, so i assume it is the 
> regulator? (all the other windows work, so it shouldnt be the relay, right?)
>     john gronberg jr.
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