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Thu Aug 31 17:22:00 EDT 2000

>Where is this rear override switch?  I've had the same problem on my 2c
>since I got it, but didn't know of its existence.

The rear override switch is in between the rows of window switches on the 
driver's door panel. Also in the owner's manual. :)

>Also re: the switches, is it possible that they are wired in parallel so
>if one fails they both do?  That's the way it is on the CQ's passenger
>side window.

They are wired in *series* so that if one fails the other won't make the 
window move; each switch has a hot wire that it can switch to one of the 
two wires leading to the regulator, but the other wire has to go to ground 
through the other switch (actually the non-driver's switch carries the 
power through as well) in order for the regulator to move.

My driver's switch for the passenger front door seems to have been a little 
dirty inside and not making good contact, causing the window to not go up 
sometimes. Since treatment with contact cleaner a couple weeks ago, it has 
not failed to go up yet.

Also, just because there is voltage doesn't mean there is sufficient 
current to move the regulator, for instance if there is a broken wire 
somewhere in the driver's door hinge area (where have I heard that before?)

Can you move the regulator using jumper wires at the switch connection? 
If so, that's a bad switch; if not, bad wires/power or regulator. The  
center wire on the side that has three is the hot wire, the outer wires in 
this row should each be connected to the other row's connector to simulate 
a known-good, passive switch.

Henry Harper
1991 200 quattro, 110k, front door hinge-area wires replaced on both sides
1988 GTI 16v, 211k, headed for Casper tomorrow, manual windows

>On Thu, 31 Aug 2000, -J J- wrote:
>> >Re: the rear window. You're saying that the window won't operate from 
>> >either
>> >the drivers side master switch (make sure thatthe rear window over ride 
>> >off) or the local switch?
>> yes, the override switch is off.. I have tested the voltage in the 
>> and i confirmed that both switches are operational, so i assume it is 
>> regulator? (all the other windows work, so it shouldnt be the relay, 
>>     john gronberg jr.

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