[200q20v] Re: Sony Head Unit Hummmmmm

George Sidman sidman at montereynet.net
Fri Dec 1 10:36:34 EST 2000

My car is a '91 Avant Wagon, which came with a Delta radio -
not a Bose. A few years ago Crutchfield supplied a new Sony
head unit with their amp adapter, which worked fine. That
head unit crapped out a few weeks ago, and Crutchfield
supplied a new Sony CDX-C7000X, which they said would be pin
compatible with the prior connectors and amp adapter. It
was, except for the hiss. 

I have a good Sony CD changer, so sticking with the Sony
head unit is desirable. They now say that the mosfet chip in
the new head unit conflicts with the rear amp, and I can
either swap the unit out for another mfr, or bypass their
adapter and the Audi amp, which to me appears to be the
right fix. The sound is great - the best I have ever had in
a car - and with 19 watts per channel the radio should drive
the speakers just fine without the Crutchfield adapter and
Audi amps........
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