[200q20v] Problems again

Brett Dikeman brett at pdikeman.ne.mediaone.net
Fri Dec 1 22:39:05 EST 2000

At 1:25 AM +0000 12/2/00, -J J- wrote:

>"The car is smoking so badly that we cannot legally work on it, and 
>the reason for this is because it has no catalytic converters, if we 
>work on it we will lose our permit. The fumes made several of our 
>workers ill"

Bull.  They're probably required to have a system that they hook up 
to the exhaust pipe that removes the exhaust fumes; otherwise, they'd 
all get carbon monoxide poisoning.   Further, catalytic converters do 
nothing to control smoke.  Further, you HAVE CATALYTIC CONVERTERS.

You're getting handed shovels of crap.  The whole reason the car is 
smoking is because the oil level is too high!  They basically need to:

-completely drain the oil, change filter, etc, and fill it with the 
correct quantity of oil

-locate the source of the fuel leak(injectors would be a good place 
to start, seeing as this is the only place the fuel comes into the 
engine!)  The Bently has some nice information on how to flow-test 
the injectors(besides, it sounds like removing the injectors and just 
setting them out would be enough to see what's leaking)

-repair the source of the fuel leak(ie, replace that injector, or all 
of them so they're matched)

-THEN try starting the car.  Otherwise, you could hydrolock the 
engine with the fuel(it doesn't take much!  These are very high 
compression engines.)

Either this dealer is completely incompetent or they have other 
motives.  Either ask to speak to the manager, or seek another repair 
shop(it's obvious they have no intention of working on the car), and 
for god sakes, don't run the car any more!  You are destroying more 
of your catalytic converters every second the car runs.

Also, don't pay a dime to the dealership for their time if you go 
elsewhere.  They have done -nothing- to fix the problem.

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