[200q20v] Re: Problems again

TM t44tq at bellatlantic.net
Sat Dec 2 12:30:53 EST 2000

Per Brett's advice on your poor car,
I'd like to add some more points, from
my own personal experience:

It's quite obvious that you have a serious problem
with the dealership, at least to me.

1. Keep notes on all conversations you have w/ the
dealership and get the person's name. If possible,
record the conversations after notifying the other party
of such recording.

2. Try to only deal with the service manager and the shop
foreman- you usually have a greater success rate in resolving
problems this way.

3. If the dealership is being uncooperative, contact Audi
of America's client relations number immediately, open up
a case file, and lodge a serious complaint about how you're
being treated. This usually gets back to the service manager
and will help prompt him/her to get things right.

4. You have documented proof that your car has emissions control
equipment installed- so make a copy and give it to them (if you
haven't already) and deal w/ the service manager directly. Even
w/o cats, your car should not smoke excessively- that is an indicator
of a much more serious problem.

5. Even if they make things right and correct whatever problem prompted
your visit to the dealership, I think it is in your best interests
to immediately take the car to an independent mechanic to do a
throrough once-over of the car to make certain that the dealership
did not cause damage while the car was being serviced.

6. If dealing with the service manager, shop foreman and Audi of
America fails, contact your state's Attorney General and file a complaint
against the dealership. Also contact the Better Business Bureau and
do the same. Your state may also have a Consumer Protection Board or
similar agency that may be willing to help as well. Make sure that
you word any complaint in a non-accusatory way, just spell out your
problem, and cc: the correspondence to the dealership. Also, make sure
that the owner or general manager of the dealership is copied as well.
That will let them know that you are taking this problem very seriously.

I'm sorry to hear of your problems. It seems as though due to the
immense increase in popularity of Audi recently, the service departments
are overwhelmed and they do not wish to take on any service beyond the
basic service interval types of service. Also, because of the sales growth,
the dealerships are hiring new technicians who are not familiar at all with
the older Audis and the great I-5 engine. :-)

If none of these things helps, contact a competent attorney in your area,
ask him/her for advice on how to proceed. If necessary (and if you are
willing), file suit against the dealership for full damages and seek
punitive damages as well as compensatory damages for lost time and wages,
rental car expenses, etc. It should not come to this, ever.

Taka Mizutani

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