[200q20v] Window/Window Regulator Adjustment Help Needed

Steve Bednarski stevebednarski at mindspring.com
Sun Dec 3 19:01:06 EST 2000


Thank you!  A couple of turns on the adjusting screw was all that it needed.
Problem solved!

Steve B.
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  Steve Bednarski wrote:

This question is with regard to my 1990 200Q 10V Avant.  I hope it is O.K.to
ask on this forum as the procedure should be the same as for my 20V.I just
installed a new window motor/regulator assembly in the passenger reardoor of
this car.  It is all working beautifully except the window does notstop
flush with the rubber molding at the top of its travel.  Instead itstops
between 1/8 inch and 1/4" shy of the top.What can I do to make the window
fit flush to the top?Any help would be appreciated.Steve B.
     I have replaced a couple of window regulators and/or motors on my '86
5KTQ and '91 200 and have been lucky enough to not have this problem.  There
is an adjusting screw at the top the the regulator mechanism where it
attaches to the window that I presume acts as the window stop.  If you
unscrew this (counterclockwise) it should lower the stop and hopefully allow
the window to move higher.  The bottom of this screw looks like a small 6
pointed star and  can be connected  to either a 3/16" or 5mm socket (not
from memory, just tried it - have lots of wonderful spare junk yard window
parts).  Good luck.
  Another Steve
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