[200q20v] new(er) VDO EGT gauges

Glen Dustin Powell gpowell at ennovatenetworks.com
Mon Dec 4 09:07:50 EST 2000

The VDO EGT gauge in my 85 ur-q started to fail intermittantly. It would
stick at 0 and at other spots and require a 'tap' to get the meter movement
to move. I finally got fed-up with it and replaced it with another gauge,
but used the existing thermocouple. The gauge they sent me is a different
type, it is electronic in that it requires power and is not driven directly
by the thermocouple output voltage. I know at least one other person that
had to perform this same 'upgrade' so I suspect VDO found a design flaw in
the direct-reading gauges, hence the new version. This new gauge appears to
respond faster and does not stick (so far). It also indicates higher temps
Vs the old-style gauge, the old one may never have operted correctly or
accurately. If you have one of the old direct-driven VDO EGT gauges you
might consider upgrading if you want fast respone, reliability and accurate
readings. The new gauge was only $75US from:


The gauge in the .pic is different from what they sent me. The new EGT gauge
is marked at like 25, 45...105, 125... 165 (x10). Also, it uses a plastic
collar that threads onto the body and not the older-style U-bracket and
thumbscrews as depicted in the above link. The lightbulb socket from the
old-style gauge does not insert fully into the new gauge and therefore
lighting is too dim. I will investigate this with the people at egauges and
report back. Might be I need a different socket and/or bulb.

Anyone encounter similar issues or problems with these units?



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