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<< Hello All,

The no start problem i've been having has been traced to the fuel pump - at
least that is the advice from my mechanic. He had special ordered a new pump
and when he got it, he said they sent the wrong one. Also, something about
the fuel pumps being redesigned for our cars and needing a special new hose
and connection. Any BTDT's? What is the correct part number?


This is written up on my web page, courtesy of Phil Rose.

http://members.aol.com/c1j1miller/engine.html#Fuel Pump

"The following describes some aspects of replacing a '91 200q20V "old-style" 
fuel pump with the narrower, new-style pump. 

The new-style pump has a 43 mm diameter and thus requires a plastic sleeve 
(called "spring pin" in ETKA) to adapt it to the existing 63 mm dia 
housing. Also, the new pump's fuel outlet is a simple plastic nipple (vs. a 
banjo fitting in the older style) and therefore it uses a different hose 
(with lower end attached with a hose-clamp and the upper end having a 
compression fitting as in the earlier design). 

The three parts I ordered were: 

pump (Bosch)   8A0 906 091G, 
fuel line    4A0 201 351A 
spring pin (adaptor)   441 201 791 
3214 tool   ($26 plus shipping from Zelenda 
Automotive)--optional (see below) "

(continued on above web link)
HTH, Chris Miller, Windham NH, c1j1miller at aol.com

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