[200q20v] uh-oh, accident!

Kneale Brownson knotnook at traverse.com
Mon Dec 4 17:02:39 EST 2000

Might be a good time to redo the wiring to the door to avoid the 
broken-insulation-in-the-doorjamb syndrome.  Glad you had no personal 
injury (other than what must have been a scary surprise).

At 03:40 PM 12/04/2000 -0500, Mark Trank wrote:

>A tale of woe for a Monday.........
>After parallel parking on a narrow downtown street, I opened the driver's
>side door and CRASH, an SUV driving too fast and too close clipped my door
>and bent it back towards the front quarter panel.  Couldn't close the door
>but crawled to my body shop.  Was advised door shell will have to be
>replaced, but interior trim, electricals, etc. would be retained (unless
>damaged, and we don't know yet).  The door itself didn't sustain much
>physical damage (the impact was indirect) but enough to warrant replacement.

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