[200q20v] Interim Update

Tom Donohue donohue at netconnx.net
Mon Dec 4 21:03:02 EST 2000

I for one would like an update!  As I have mentioned before, I have been dealing with my
local AoA dealership for the past 13 years...let me correct myself, I have been avoiding
dealing with them for virtually all of that time.  Some of these people have to be made
aware of the substantial...(almost said, "vast") constituency that could be available to
them...those of us who drive and appreciate Audis,  have some mechanical abilities, but
either have a lack of time or heated space to fully utilize one or both, and would prefer
to bring business to them if the playing field were level.  Maybe we wouldn't be the
big-buck customer, but we could be counted on as reliable "overhead coverage."  Some of
you are aware that I am a lawyer in Mass.  Part of my practice is court-appointed
criminal defense work.  It pays me less than 1/3 of my hourly rate, has rules that
prohibit me from billing all of my time and, frequently, despite my best efforts, my
clients end up in jail (sometimes deserved, sometimes otherwise, but that's a discussion
for a different list).  In that respect, we who don't enjoy a heated bay, or a lift, or a
full complement of tools, or, maybe, even a Bentley, have to go somewhere within our
means to keep our habit going.  There are some dealers' service departments who
understand this segment of the business...and then there, apparently, is Go Audi of Grand
Rapids (and my local guy).  I have no solution except to go elsewhere.  One of my sources
is a guy who has worked for my local dealer for years, and has his own evening and
weekend business to boot, is much more responsive and is not shy about taking an
overnight repair straight to the dealer for diagnostics, when needed.  Best of luck with
your problem which, unfortunately, is beyond my own personal knowledge.  Hope you find
someone, dealer or competent independent, who can diagnose and correct.  Regards, Tom
200q20v Avant

-J J- wrote:

> Well, I got the car from the dealer today. They explained why they couldn't
> deal with it, acoording to them the car WAS hooked up to a ventilation
> system, and it was still smoking too much in the garage to work on. GO
> figure. I have decided not to deal with them any more. I don't want to
> bother with complaints to AoA, etc. right now. They did not charge me for
> the diagnosis work, so I am happy with that. They did drain the oil , change
> it and put a new filter in. They also replaced the spark plugs (with the
> correct platnium plugs). AT the moment the car is sitting in my lawn on a
> car trailer, and tomorrow I am going to talk to some local shops to see who
> will deal with the car, and if anyone has knowledge of the 200 20v. Once I
> get things straightened out, which is soon I hope, I'll update everyone on
> what happened.
> BTW if you are curious the dealership is Go Audi of Grand Rapids MI.
>           John Gronberg
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