[200q20v] + V8 Quattro UFO Brake to G60 Mod What Struts Wo rk?

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Find out from the family album, plus it might be on Chris' web site.
Anything pre-91 has 8mm ball joints so requires a conversion to older 
control arms.  Secondly, if I were lookin', I wouldn't shop by year 
for a V8 ... because so many were converted, you're likely to find one 
that IS pre-91 but with the struts you want because it's already been 
converted. Just ask recyclers for a 91 200 or any year V8 and if 
they have either, have 'em see what brake setup it has and go from there.
I found mine that way ... off a 91 200 that had been converted. 

If forget which S cars have the struts you want; someone else'll 
surely reply who knows. 

Oh, and don't forget the tie rods are different also. 

Good luck, 


PS: Blau's newsletter/catalog I just received with a rebuilt hydraulic 
    pump advertizes Ate power discs for the G60 conversion.  Are these 
    really finally available? 

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Does anyone know first hand or know where to find out which Strut Assemblies

will work in upgrading a 1991 200q 20v or 1990-1991 V8 Quattro to the G60 
brake configuration (from stock UFO).  I have heard that S4-S6 1992-1995, 
1991 200 10v, obviously 1992-1994 V8 Struts, and even 1991 100 Strut 
assemblies will work...most of these require the spring and strut inserts 
(shocks) to be reused from the UFO strut assembly.  Could this actually be 
true that all of these various strut assemblies are basically the same?
would give me several options $$$ when finding a replacement G60 setup.

If anyone knows if the info. above is correct or can at least share what
know will work it would be deeply appreciated.  Also, if any of the Control 
arms or other suspension components would need to be replaced with each 
different strut version upgrades it would be nice to mention if known.

Thank you!  Frank
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