[200q20v] + V8 Quattro UFO Brake to G60 Mod What Struts Work?

GSTREIN at aol.com GSTREIN at aol.com
Tue Dec 5 00:33:49 EST 2000

The reason I want to convert to G60 is for the main reason that I need to do 
something ASAP because my UFO's are down to metal on one side...probably a 
caliper binding but not a single warning ... driver's side still has plenty 
of pad left.  Anyway, I either buy new/rebuilt UFO/s and caliper/s or upgrade 
to "big brake" setup...the price for any of the "big brake" setups is at a 
minimum $1200 using my current UFO Struts.

If I find complete G60 setup strut assys (used) I can do the conversion for 
about $500-600 and have temporary G60 brakes while I save for the conversion 
to "big brakes."  This way I also would have many more options...there are 
more conversions for Non-UFO setups...I could live with the G60's 
temporarily!  If I fix my current setup I will spend at least the amount 
mentioned and will still have the limitations of the UFO setup (not many 
conversion options).

So there you have it!   Do you have any info. on S4-S6 Struts - would they 
work - these vehicles are newer and I can find better condition lower mileage 
cars with these with similar pricing to the older 200 and V8 struts.

Thanks for asking now can you help?

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