[200q20v] EGT observed data

Glen Dustin Powell gpowell at ennovatenetworks.com
Tue Dec 5 08:44:17 EST 2000

1985 ur-q, thermocouple probe installed in exhaust outlet housing of K24
turbo, probe for VDO Cockpit series EGT gauge, gauge is VDO Vision series

idle: 1050 F
~40 MPH steady cruise: 1250 F
~70 MPH steady cruise: 1350 F
short bursts (30-60 secs) to 80-90 MPH via part-throttle (low boost): 1450 F

Could not gain line-of-sight to hot side of turbo to measure temp via IR
laser meter.

I checked my log book and the only recorded data I could find for EGT with
the old Cockpit series gauge & thermocouple was 800 F with water @ 180 F,
Oil @ 100 C, this was prolly at idle after full warm-up.

Anyone have any EGT temps for comparison? Acceptable max EGT?

Investigation into compatibility of Cockpit series probe with Vision series
gauge continues.

My gut feel at this time is these above readings (1050-1450) are prolly



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