[200q20v] + V8 Quattro UFO Brake to G60 Mod What Struts Work?

Bernie Benz b.m.benz at prodigy.net
Tue Dec 5 08:04:37 EST 2000

Your rational in all this is not clear, so if I may critique your thought
process, and add my opinions for your consideration:

Apparently, and assuming money is a current factor in your short term
solution, IMO you may have overestimated the cost of fixing your UFOs.
You see, I hate to see you downgrade your braking torque, even temporarly,
inasmuch as temporary fixes always tend to become permanent until the next

If you are a do it yourself wrench, you can overhaul the UFO calipers at
zero cost, and with proper PM, they will last indefinately.  Depending upon
condition, the scraped rotor can be remachined, or I can give you sources
for used ones.  If it is only lightly scraped, with rebuilt calipers, new
pads will clean it up over time.  Rotors always tend to wear true, and pads
are cheaper than rotors.

PM is the key!  The lack of which got you into this problem, IMO.  Upgrades
(and downgrades) also require the same or more PM.  Do you inspect your
brakes annually or semiannually?  Have you ever changed the brake fluid?

If I can help with the details, ask.


> From: GSTREIN at aol.com
> Date: Tue, 5 Dec 2000 00:33:49 EST
> To: b.m.benz at prodigy.net, 200q20v at audifans.com
> Subject: Re: [200q20v]  +  V8 Quattro  UFO Brake to G60 Mod What Struts Work?
> The reason I want to convert to G60 is for the main reason that I need to do
> something ASAP because my UFO's are down to metal on one side...probably a
> caliper binding but not a single warning ... driver's side still has plenty
> of pad left.  Anyway, I either buy new/rebuilt UFO/s and caliper/s or upgrade
> to "big brake" setup...the price for any of the "big brake" setups is at a
> minimum $1200 using my current UFO Struts.
> If I find complete G60 setup strut assys (used) I can do the conversion for
> about $500-600 and have temporary G60 brakes while I save for the conversion
> to "big brakes."  This way I also would have many more options...there are
> more conversions for Non-UFO setups...I could live with the G60's
> temporarily!  If I fix my current setup I will spend at least the amount
> mentioned and will still have the limitations of the UFO setup (not many
> conversion options).
> So there you have it!   Do you have any info. on S4-S6 Struts - would they
> work - these vehicles are newer and I can find better condition lower mileage
> cars with these with similar pricing to the older 200 and V8 struts.
> Thanks for asking now can you help?
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