[200q20v] + V8 Quattro UFO Brake to G60 Mod What Struts Work?

GSTREIN at aol.com GSTREIN at aol.com
Tue Dec 5 13:01:25 EST 2000


Thank you for your concern but my rational is as stated that I have all 
intent on upgrading to big brakes by next spring or the latest summer 2001 - 
I would do it now if I could do it for $800.

If I repair the current UFO setup I would need at least one rebuilt/used 
caliper and one used UFO rotor and new brake pads. My UFO's are original and 
I have 87K - there is considerable lip on the rotor and now with scratches 
from metal to metal it is doubtful it could be turned - not to mention that 
locally finding a setup to turn the inside of the rotor would be very time 
consuming and expensive.  So if I purchase the said used components and a set 
of new pads I would be spending @ $400 (guestimate).  I can purchase two 1993 
V8 strut assemblies including rotors and calipers in excellent condition...I 
would probably replace the existing pads but there is probably 50% on the 
used setup. The price for these are $500 for the pair.  In addition I have a 
wheel bearing starting to go and would either need to remove my existing 
strut and take to machine shop to press in new...leaving the vehicle in torn 
down condition outside..which I don't want to do.  If I purchase the used 
struts...I could take them to have new bearings (I have bearings already 
purchased last spring but never got to installing them this past summer).  
This way I have everything 100% and ready for install the day I decide to do 
the repair.

In addition, because there are limited UFO setups there are also limited "Big 
Brake" upgrades for them and I would have several more options with the 
standard G60 configuration.  I would rather have more options personally 
since I will be upgrading.  The price is not that different from your 
suggestion and what I am proposing.

The real cost is the braking itself which is arguably better with the UFO's.  
However, it is not as if I am a guinea pig and there are no other G60 V8's, 
200 20V's, and S4-S6 with similar G60 brake setups (the majority are this). I 
would just need to be more "aware" of my limitations.  Then in spring/summer 
I can shop with confidence that I can get the "big brake" configuration I 
want because I have a common setup that many vendors produce upgrades for - 
or I can build the kit myself starting with a "bira" bracket which they make 
for the all the above mentioned.

I actually spoke to bira to see if they had a conversion yet for UFO' they 
said they were close but needed someone to fund custom rotor hats and special 
caliper brackets...they needed $700 for hats and $350 for brackets...If I did 
this my upgrade would be close to $2000....too expensive at the moment.

I know the mentioned 1993 V8 struts will work but I have another option off a 
1995 S6 and this is why I am asking if they would work as well...they are 
newer off a "California" car and I would go this route if I knew they would 
work. This is why I am trying to find someone who knows or has done such 
conversion using same.

To answer your question - yes, I check my brakes usually when I rotate 
wheels/tires...I did not see any problem in May (@60% pad left). There is now 
a problem that has caused significant wear on the passenger front vs. 
driver's (driver's side is @40% now).  There is also a wear sensor issue that 
did not help matters any...I did not know it was not working...just my luck!  
The my surprise there was no pulling which I find totally amazing and don't 
understand how this could be..the only thing I can figure is that the caliper 
is constantly binding just enough to keep pressure to wear pads but not 
significant enough to cause a pull...i.e. causing excessive brake pad drag..

Thanks for your time and interest!

Please! If somebody knows if 1995 S6 struts will work let me know - Thank 
you!  Knowing my luck another person will purchase them while I'm 
investigating if they will work for my application.


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