[200q20v] V8Q UFOs to G60s Mod, What Struts Work?

Greg Johnson gregsj at iea.com
Tue Dec 5 10:18:54 EST 2000

BTDT, have the T-Shirt. I did a two-step conversion over the course of two summers.  From UFO's to G60s the first summer and from G-60s to BIRA the next.  While I don't know all the struts that work, I know that urS4/S6 struts will bolt right in.  I also know that 5000/100 struts do not, because a friend tried to do his V8, before I did my 200, with 5000 struts and he found that the bearings
were smaller in some spots (cannot remember exactly where).  BTW, I obtained all of the necessary parts for less than $500 from a fellow who was parting out a '94 S4.

Greg Johnson

Frank wrote:

> Does anyone know first hand or know where to find out which Strut Assemblies
> will work in upgrading a 1991 200q 20v or 1990-1991 V8 Quattro to the G60
> brake configuration (from stock UFO).  I have heard that S4-S6 1992-1995,
> 1991 200 10v, obviously 1992-1994 V8 Struts, and even 1991 100 Strut
> assemblies will work...most of these require the spring and strut inserts
> (shocks) to be reused from the UFO strut assembly.  Could this actually be
> true that all of these various strut assemblies are basically the same?  This
> would give me several options $$$ when finding a replacement G60 setup.


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