[200q20v] + V8 Quattro UFO Brake to G60 Mod What Struts Work?

Greg Amy gregamy99 at hotmail.com
Tue Dec 5 13:27:57 EST 2000

>It is my understanding that the '95 S6 struts will work to replace your 
>200q20v UFO struts; as I recall, Greg Amy used '95 S6 struts on his 

This much I can offer as fact: I used 1995.5 S6 struts, hubs, and G60 brakes 
in my 1991 200q (prior to the BIRA brake conversion -- http://www.bira.org). 
I also used the H&R springs, Bilstein Sport shocks, and stock UFO upper 
spring perches and stock tie rods, axles, and control arms that WERE in my 
UFO struts; they also fit right up. Thus, the 1992-1997 S4/S6 parts will 
bolt right into a 1991 200q.

The factory UFO-to-G60 conversions used struts, hubs, and brakes from a 1992 

Note that the 1992-1997 S4/S6 have a wider front track than the other 
similar cars, by about an inch. The hubs are not directly interchangeable 
with the other non-S cars. They use the same bearings, and will slip right 
in, but since the offset is different the brakes and wheel offsets are 
different as well. Note that if you buy S6 struts without hubs (as I did - 
the PO had installed the Hoppen S8 brakes and kept his hubs) the S6 hubs 
cost about $300 EACH new and are virtually unobtanable used.

I "suspect" that any 1992-1997 non-S 100/200/A6 suspension will bolt into 
the UFO cars, but note the hub offset difference. If you're planning on 
getting aftermarket brakes, make sure your supplier offers kits for the 
non-S cars.

Trying to use parts from a pre-1992 car, you may have to use the prior 
control arms, tie rod ends, and possibly drive axle. It's been done.

Good luck!

Greg Amy

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