[200q20v] RE: Rear Stabilizer or Sway Bar

Glen Dustin Powell gpowell at ennovatenetworks.com
Thu Dec 7 08:17:08 EST 2000

A little bit higher on the front tire pressures and a little bit lower on
the rear will also help with tuning-out some of the understeer, BTDT.
(talking a couple of PSI here, nothing drastic)



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> Sorry to dig up a dead horse here....
>  But, I never heard an explanation of the above.  I too had always
>  that these cars understeer too much (or, most quattros in general) and to
>  make them understeer less (have more neutral handling) you will want to
>  stiffen up the rear end.

I have found that somewhat true as well.  But beyond a certain point (which
comes up fairly quickly), the addition of front stiffening is key to neutral

>  That is why I put softer springs up front in my 5ktq (with coil-overs)
>  harder ones in the rear....  makes sense.... car will have tendancy
>  (hopefully) to oversteer slightly now.  Any thoughts???  I don't have any
>  btdt;s since I'm haven't installed the springs yet, but will be in

First rule of quattros:  Quattros understeer.   You have a baseline weight
problem, not a spring problem wrt that primary rule.  I put c/o front in my
5ktq 5+ years ago, and have done a few in the S car chassis since, and found
that the rears slightly stiffer than the fronts gave the best of the U
character.  Rake angle front to back is also key to getting this all right.

>  I don't think I care for the "softer springs and use sway bar method"....
>  leaves kind of a wishy washy ride.  I think these cars need to be
> stifferened
>  up all over.  I was really supprised just how soft my S4 was when I got

The 92 was the stiffest stocker, and brought 'stiff' comments from the
buyer.  Hence, in 93 the springs went softer, and the rear bar deleted.  I
find 'wishy washy ride' to be more a shock issue, not necessarily a spring
issue.  I also have btdt on bigger front antiroll bars in 44chassis cars,
firmly believe that the 'swaybar method' is quite effective in front, but
back.  The inherent design in the multilink rear suspensions in the
cars negates the need for rear antirollbars


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