[200q20v] New Owner 91 200-20V Questions

Hemberger, Chris CHemberger at stanadyne.com
Thu Dec 7 10:12:42 EST 2000

My name is Chris Hemberger from Connecticut and I just became the owner of
91 200 TQ-20V Avant and have a few initial questions:

Car has 61K mi and exhibits a bit of a 'thunk' in the driveline just under
the front floor upon mild acceleration.  Local dealer indicated over the
phone that it's most likely the center support bearing of the driveshaft
which costs 'thousands'.  Anybody had experience with a similar
problem/repair?  I suspect something more like trans./engine mount.

Are the leads for the injectors replaceable individually or are they part of
an entire harness?  I noticed that one of the injector leads has the
insulation worn off(?) exposing bare wire perhaps from abrasion against the
underside of the hood.  I would like to replace the complete lead but doubt
that they are available separately.

What is the story with the ignition wires?  I understand that the OEM
replacements list for over $500!!  Have found Bosch replacements available
for ~$185 - what is so unique about these conductors that causes them to be
so ridiculously expensive?

Thanks for any advise/input.


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