[200q20v] moron VDO EGT gauges... in nauseating detail.....

Glen Dustin Powell gpowell at ennovatenetworks.com
Thu Dec 7 15:24:05 EST 2000

OK, here we go again...

VDO replaced the Cockpit Series direct-driven EGT gauge P/N 130-036 with a
newer version, P/N 310-951. The old 310-036 version is obsolete (wonder
why.... :) and has not been available for some time. The new version is
electronic (requires +12VDC power) and uses the same style dial markings and
spin-on plastic collar as does the Vision Series EGT gauge, P/N 310-151,
hence the substantial confusion. The Cockpit Series units are lighted via a
chrome reflective ring around the inside perimeter of the bezel whereas the
Vision Series are in fact back-lighted (translucent dial) and have an
internally-lighted pointer. The Cockpit Series pointer is lighted via the
same reflective perimeter ring as is the dial.

The new Cockpit Series EGT P/N 310-951 does not use the same bulb-socket as
the old 130-036 version, hence my too-dim lighting problems. Egauges shipped
more than one of the new-style Cockpit 310-951 units without the bulb,
bulb-socket and red filter, I was not the first to complain about the
lighting issue... They are sending me and the other 'complainers' the
missing bits & pieces.

The new Cockpit EGT P/N 130-951 likely uses the same bulb & bulb-socket as
the Vision Series unit.

See the old-style Cockpit Series EGT P/N 130-036 (obsolete and not
available) at:


See the Vision Series EGT P/N 310-151) at:


If you order a VDO Cockpit Series EGT unit 310-036 today you will get a
310-951, with the Vision-style faceplate, threaded mounting collar and
different lighting HW (if you get any lighting HW at all :), but it is still
reflectively-lighted and has the same style bezel as does the old-style
130-036 unit and the rest of the Cockpit Series units and matches same
visually. The only outwardly visible difference old Vs new is the
Vision-style dial mahkings.

On the issue of the accuracy of the readings, (The Beef) all of these VDO
gauges (130-036 old Cockpit EGT, 130-951 new Cockpit EGT and 130-151 Vision
EGT) all use the same thermocouple sender. (whar colors have changed, red is
still the + on both, blue = yellow, yellow is new-style) This tends to
support my view that the readings I am now observing are correct and the
lower readings I observed with the old, sticking gauge were way-low
(technical term) due to the old defective old sticky old intermittent old
310-036 gauge.

So, they-ah we go.

Anyone got any qt EGT temp readings to support or conflict with what I have
observed or a suggested MAX safe temp?

idle: 1050 F
~40 MPH steady cruise: 1250 F
~70 MPH steady cruise: 1350 F
short bursts (30-60 secs) to 80-90 MPH via part-throttle (low/no boost):
1450 F




ps The guys at Egauges (Don's Sport Vehicle Sales, 313-533-0711, Detroit, MI
USA) were most helpful with all of this! I would not hesitate to do business
with them again.

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