[200q20v] Re: Question, UFO calipers and pads.

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Thu Dec 7 20:34:44 EST 2000

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> Further, they also list the same Audi number with suffex E as for Girling
>  calipers.  Both applications list the A8 and 2Q-20V, but the E suffix also
>  lists S4/6.  My guess is that the E version is for the G60 system, or were
>  there really two different calipers for the UFO system?  I didn't think 
>  there were any S cars with UFOs, or might these pads have been used on a
>  conventional disk with Girling calipers on the S cars?

I reviewed an older family album (a real classic) which showed the V8 through 
'94 to use the same calipers and pads as the 200q20v.  All shown as Ate.
Oh, some early S4's came with UFOs as well.

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