[200q20v] Timing belt

Derek Pulvino DPulvino at agraus.com
Fri Dec 8 03:39:34 EST 2000

Well all, I've combed the archives and found not much on this subject, but it is now time for me to get into this up to my ears as said before.  Couple of questions; does anybody know if the tool for holding the vibration dampener is the same on the 200TQ as a 100, and for that matter, a 5000 tq.  A friend of mine has a couple of these beasts around and we figured as long as we have the tool might as well take care of all the timing belts we have around.  The other question is how far am I going to wind up taking apart the front end?  I'm guessing it's coming apart right down to the core support, but the Bentley is I'd say downright crappy; no real guidance coming from that direction.  I am guessing I'll start with the bumpers, work to the headlights and grill, and then attack the core support and all of it's related ancillaries.  I figure while I'm in there I'll do the waterpump, the leaking seal (not sure if it's cam or mainshaft), the accesory belts, and the tensionser.  Although not entirely related, I'm also going to replace the fuel and air filters, the cap and rotor, and go a flush and fill on the steering rack, and obvioulsy cooling system.  Is it true that in order to access the cap and rotor the intake manifold has to be removed?  Anybody have any other suggestions for things at the front of the engine to attack while I have the chest flayed open?

Thanks for any input


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