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The factors you list all can contribute to understeer Vs oversteer Vs
neutral. Two major factors, and ones difficult to 'tune', is weight
distribution F/R and CG. This is why the 944 used a tranaxle mounted in the
rear, to get as close to 50/50 F/R without adding ballast as does BMW. Audis
are somewhat front heavy to begin with, beinge front-engine and FWD (at a
minimum) and the engine sticks out in front of the front axle, moving the CG
even more forward. Centrally-located CG and inherently good weight
distribution are the main advantages of true mid-engine designs. Both of
these design facts contribute to understeer in a big way. The advantages to
having the engine way out in front are real for a street car, much better
directional stability at speed (that nice secure, steady feeling you get at
the helm) and crash protection. Anti-roll bars mostly and in static
situations (steady turn like on a skid-pad), but also springs and shocks in
dynamic situations (turn entry/exit, cornering while changing braking level
or throttle position) also have a real effect. All strictly IMFO.



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I am wondering just how much understeer is caused by
1) Tires and suspension
2) Drivers techniques
3) Attempts to break the laws of physics


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>>  A little bit higher on the front tire pressures and a little bit lower
>>  the rear will also help with tuning-out some of the understeer, BTDT.
>>  (talking a couple of PSI here, nothing drastic)
>>  -glen
> Agreed Glen.  At track events I usually end up somewhere in the +3/4psi
> SJ
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