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And exactly the opposite of what you want to do for performance, handling
and ride. (BMW must add ballast for specmanship purposes) What you really
want to add is 'lightness', not an easy task. At least Audi put the battery
in back and down low - this makes a huge difference. I did this on the 4KQ
race car, but for additional reasons beyond just balance. I also moved the
battery in my 73 T/A from the stock location (way out in front and up high)
to the trunk. This was equivalent to moving the engine and trans rearward a
full ten inches!



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True. I did some calcs once on getting the static weight balance back closer
to 50/50 on the 200q20v (see the "physics of racing" series)...
You'd need to add hundreds of pounds right over (or behind) the rear axle to
significantly change the weight balance; not real feasible.
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