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I also have put this gear lube in my 91 200q when it had 90K, shifted soooo much smother, I have also used it in my old 5KQ, it worked wonders for hard shifting....

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  "Mobil 1 Synthetic Gear Lubricant is suitable for all automotive applications where lubricants meeting MIL-PRF-2105E, API
  Service GL-5, are recommended. It can also be used in rear axles where an API Service GL-4 lubricant is recommended. It
  should not be used in any transmissions requiring an engine oil or automatic transmission fluid, or GL-4 performance level."
  Note the last sentence. That last sentence implies that GL5 does not supercede and/or is not a superset of GL5 requirements. Wish they offered more detail on this specifically. Could be a CYA. They do say it "outperforms all conventional gear lubricants", so if GL4 is offered in a dino-juice formulation then "outperforms all conventional gear lubricants" sortah implies that M1 would 'outperform' dino-based GL4.
  I use Mobil 1 GL5 75W-90 anyway with 215,000 miles on my ur-q trans and many miles on the 4KQ road-race car, other quattros, and my antique Poniaction RA IV 455HO T/A mit Doug Nash 4+1 five-speed with no problems ever observed. I don't recommend others do this tho... . . . but it werks OK fer me...
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    I recently bought Castor Synthetic GL5 for my 200 from Jim Blau, and was told 
    that it meets or succeeds all GL4 specs.  I have also been told this from 
    another source.  I would like to confirm this before I change all tranny and 
    diff  fluids soon.  Any one know for sure?  I was also told that GL5 is a 
    newer fluid that may not have been in use at the time of our cars manufacture. 

    Thanks for your considerations and thoughts. 

    91 Avant 
    86 Avant (for sale) 
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