[200q20v] Re: Timing Belt, Water Pump, and Tranny Juice

Derek Pulvino DPulvino at agraus.com
Fri Dec 8 16:05:20 EST 2000

Thanks all for the replies, I've now got reams of printed info on the up and coming procedures.  As far as searched archives, I checked the 200 mailing list archives for this info and found nothing, and also ran the search function on Chris's web site and nothing appropriate came up in the top ten for timing belt info.  Probably would have found the info if I would have just manually searched the index.  So, looks like I have some work ahead of me, and if I'm not careful I could wind up rebuilding the whole car.  It's kind of funny, as I looked at the work ahead of me in this project, and then the suspension rebuild to happen next, and whatever else the Audi might throw my way, I've also been asking the question; why do I like this car again?  Sure it's powerful, smooth, quiet, communicative, well tuned, but for god's sake does the maintenance ever stop?  Regarless of spamming, an Integra GSR is starting to look more and more attractive; low maintenance, small nimble package (along the lines of a GTI since VW can't seem to build a GTI with the soul of the original), well tuned, good resale, broader market appeal, good gas mileage, although it isn't the best design from an asthetic (sp?) point of  view.  I would loose the Audi panache, the comfortable seating for four, the ski sack, quattro, and the ability for mucho hp, and a really helpful community of people with knowledge on the car, but...  I guess I'll go ahead and do the maintanance here, get things square again, and see what I think at that point, just seems like the maintanance never stops.  Regardless, thanks again for the input.

Derek Pulvino

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