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> and the "Technical Specs" lists the tiresize for the 200q20v to be
> 205/60-15.  Now is *THAT* the official tire size for that car and thus
> gives the most accurate speedometer reading?
> The reason I am asking this is that I am about to put on new rims on my
> cars and I would like to use the tires that give the closest match to
> the original spec for the speedo.  Thanks.
> -Alex Lee


Nope.  215/60 15 is the correct size (look at the inside of the fuel filler 
cover).  Alternately, you may (if you do a lot of highway driving) use 205/65 
 15 tires, which are geared more for comfort and are also pretty good if your 
putting snow tires on.  Speedo should be unaffected.  I bought my (used) '90 
v8q with these and they performed quite well.  But if you like to corner 
hard, stick with the 215/60 size.  Incidentally, 205/65 will give you 
slightly better gas mileage.


'91 200q20v with a few mods...
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