[200q20v] Unintended Accelleration (for real)

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Sat Dec 9 14:12:25 EST 2000

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> My 200 decided to go 60 minutes on me. Check it out:
> http://www.succulents.com/quattro/ua/

Yes, I have experienced the same broken plastic piece, but with NON 
ACCELERATION results.  That plastic piece that the end of the throttle cable 
hooks into is molded onto the throttle body lever and is one of those dreaded 
unobtainium pieces, unless you want to spend much $$$ to replace the whole 
thing throttle body assembly.  I ended up CAREFULLY cutting one off an old 
5kt? throttle body and  installing it on the 200q20v.  I had tried JBweld 
before that, but between the heat and the forces applied to the throttle 
cable...well, you get the idea.

'91 200 with a few mods...
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