[200q20v] Tire size

Glen Dustin Powell gpowell at ennovatenetworks.com
Mon Dec 11 08:38:13 EST 2000

The indicated 6" x 15" is clearly wrong for US-spec examples. I believe the
BBSs on US cars are 7.5" x 15.

CIS is also wrong.

I think the 7.8:1 CR is also wrong.

Single overhead cam??????

10.9" front discs??????

9.6" Solid read discs????????

Lotsah misinformation abounds! Looks like they applied a lot of old 5000
and/or 200 data to the 200q20v.



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> Howdy y'all,
>  I know you may think this is a really old question, but maybe not
>  in the way I am looking at.  So here goes......
>  Both of my 200q20v's came with 15" BBS rims shod with 215/60-15 tires,
>  so I've always thought that is the original stock setup and that's what
>  the speedometer on our cars was calibrated to.  Well, I was just looking
>  up the Audiworld website
>    http://www.audiworld.com/model/historical.html
>  and the "Technical Specs" lists the tiresize for the 200q20v to be
>  205/60-15.  Now is *THAT* the official tire size for that car and thus
>  gives the most accurate speedometer reading?
>  The reason I am asking this is that I am about to put on new rims on my
>  cars and I would like to use the tires that give the closest match to
>  the original spec for the speedo.  Thanks.
>  -Alex Lee

Wait a minute, you're trusting Audiworld over your fellow 200q20v owners?
Older 200's came with the 205's, and the non-20v turbo '91 200 automatic
front driver came with 205s. Audiworld just parrots the manufacterer's data
in a simple form that cannot accomodate all the model variations.  I've got
the brochures, reviews, media packs, gas filler flap sticker, etc. showing
the 215 size (and my owner's manual is printed correctly, too).
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