[200q20v] Tire size

C1J1Miller at aol.com C1J1Miller at aol.com
Mon Dec 11 08:42:36 EST 2000

In a message dated Mon, 11 Dec 2000  8:38:33 AM Eastern Standard Time, "Glen Dustin Powell" <gpowell at ennovatenetworks.com> writes:

The indicated 6" x 15" is clearly wrong for US-spec examples. I believe the
BBSs on US cars are 7.5" x 15.
Yes.  Some of the earlier European versions (say model year '90) came with the flat-face V8 wheels, also 15x7.5"
CIS is also wrong.

I think the 7.8:1 CR is also wrong.
Yes, our 200q20v's are 9.3:1

Audiworld doesn't really care much about older models; why should they, when their sponsors generally don't either?

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