[200q20v] The benefits of Quattro

Ingo Rautenberg rautenberg at mediaone.net
Tue Dec 12 00:04:08 EST 2000

Thor writes:

>My wife does not understand why I've kept my v8 for 5
>years now despite its glitches and heartaches it has given me. Usually,
>around this time of the year, I ditch my C280 Sport, keep it in the garage
>and drive the v8 until March. The feeling of driving the v8 with its
>H&Rs/Koni/Dunlops and its gutwrenching exhaust sound from the Brullens
>NYC in winter whether it is icy, snowy, or floods is
>irreplaceable...priceless as one ad says.

Ah, yes, the joys of quattro.  I counted 8 Mercedes C280, etc. in the ditch
on the way home from work and on my recent fun run this evening ;-).  Just
put the Pirelli winter 210's (steel 15" wheels) on over the weekend and had
to try them out.  Only problem is with the 9-14" of fresh snow on the
ground, those of us with lowered suspensions start  feeling the floating
effect of lowered ground clearance.   Of course, every other "sane" person
thinks I'm crazy to enjoy weather like this...ah winter!

91 200q20v
Slightly modified in Snowy Michigan

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