[200q20v] Distributor

Derek Pulvino DPulvino at agraus.com
Tue Dec 12 01:28:42 EST 2000

Am I crazy and just imagine that someone had recently had a problem with a no-start episode in their vehicle, and had traced it back to a distributor/hall sender?  In this same thread I think there was also talk about checking for oil leaks in problematic distributors?  Well, if I didn't just imagine this, it's driving me nuts because I can't seem to find the thread anywhere.  

The reason I'm asking is I'm wondering if I shouldn't address the potential distributor problem alongside my other current maintenance.  Symptoms to date include periodic cold and warm no start episodes, Hall Sender fault code in the ECU, some noise coming from the distributor gear area, and now that I've begun tearing into the car I've also noticed that there is some oil inside the distributor cap on the guard sheild.  I've checked the grounds on the head, and they appear fine.  What keeps me from just diving in and replacing the part is I've never had a no start episode last long enough to pinpoint/prove the distributor as the definite source of the problem, as opposed to wiring, poor connection at the ECU pin out, or even an ECU problem, but I did note no signal at the 3-wire connector to the dist./hall sender during my troubleshooting excapade.  Could previous no start episodes possibly come back to the oil noted inside.  What's other peoples thinking on this?

Oh, and the  cap and rotor are fine.

Thanks all,
Derek Pulvino

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