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> 1)   Can anyone suggest a top-rate body shop?  The car is located in Ann 
> Arbor, MI at the moment, I live in Livonia, MI.. so anywhere in the West 
> Detroit area would be appropriate.

Best body shop is Autometric Collision in Royal Oak, Michigan.  They do THE 
best work (even better than their other shops).  They know these cars and 
will accurately figure out what needs to be done to make the car "whole." 
248.398.0200 Ask for Greg or Andy.

> 2)  They claim the car is worth roughly 8000 bucks.  This seems low,  I'm 
> sure they always value them low so they don't have to pay out so much.  
> Does anyone have any experience with fighting the insurance company's 
> valuation?

Find out how much these cars are going for on the web.  Make printouts, and 
above all, be patient.  If the insurance Co. does think it's a totall, 
they'll want to settle it ASAP.

> 3) Does anyone know what salvage value of these cars typically is?  All 
> mechanical hardware should be perfectly fine, including a new set of 
> Euro-Headlights, 3B motor / trans, Hoppen Stage I ECU, H&R Springs, Koni 
> Sport Shocks, SS Brake lines, new Hydraulic pump, new fuel pump, new TBV,, 
> new Bomb, new Brake Pads, etc etc etc.  I've heard rumors that the engines 
> go for 2-3k, so will the insurance company charge me that much or more to 
> buy it back from them?

Don't know.  Salvage is usually 10% of what bluebook or the insurance co. 
thinks it's worth.  In Michigan, you can't buy it back directly.  Only 
licensed salvage companies can do that.

> 4)  If anyone has had a car been "totaled" on them before, do you know they 
> let me swap back the original headlights, swap ECU's etc etc before they 
> take possession of the car?  I would think I have the right to sell the 
> non-stock items (NOT included in their valuation) as long as I replace them 
> with stock ones  If this ends up being the case, of the above listed items, 
> is anyone possibly interested in any exchanges?  The ECU and the headlights 
> are the key components that spring to mind there...

I'd try to change these out BEFORE the car is out of your hands, if possible. 
 Otherwise, you may have a really hard time of it.  And yes, I know it's only 
24 degrees outside and the wind-chill is -20 and we have a foot of snow ;-)

> 5) Does anyone have a really nice anthracite or black 200 for sale for 
> about 8000 bucks?  Haha don't think so , but I have to ask.. I'll probably 
> have to pay more than 8000 for something as nice as mine was.

You may be surprised.  there are people out there who haven't done anything 
to these cars and really don't know what they're worth.  Just don't rush into 
anything.  only negative is this is quattro season, so people will want to 
sell at a premium.

> If anyone has any BTDT on this type of stuff, I'd really appreciate your 
> input.  This is very upsetting to me, compounded by the fact that I'm 
> having to deal with this from 5000 miles away.
> Thanks in advance,
> Keith Maddock

Sure thing, Keith.  And I was really hoping to see your car with the new euro 

'91 200q20v with a few mods...in snowy Michigan
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