[200q20v] Slow cold starting

Brett Dikeman brett at pdikeman.ne.mediaone.net
Tue Dec 12 20:53:37 EST 2000

At 10:44 AM -0500 12/12/00, Richard E. Berlin, Jr. wrote:
>Here's the newest problem:
>My mechanic and I have run every possible test, and replaced every
>suspicious part prior to my "chipping" the ECU. One problem remains.
>When cold, the engine cranks for several seconds before firing, and when it
>does, I notice some bluish smoke for a few seconds in the exhaust.

My car just started doing this as wel(it is chipped.)  It's 
infrequent, but I suspect that at 150k miles and with the chip, it's 
time for a reman turbo, possibly not, see below.  The question 
is...does one go larger turbo?  I really don't want to sacrifice 
spool-up time, but if it does come down to paying for replacing the 
turbo(ie, checks like play in the shaft reveal too much play and 
stuff), it's something to consider.  Looking for comments on this.

  Anyway, back to the issue.

>  At present, I have run two treatments of Lubro Moly valve and 
>injector cleaner,
>but this doesn't seem to help. Have any of you dealt with this problem?
>Should I try replacing the injectors, (90K miles), or do you think I should
>suspect something in the PCV area?
>Suffice it to say, the car has new ignition wires, rotor, plugs and starter
>motor. Because of the blue smoke I wonder if oil is leaking somewhere.

possibly.  You might be on the right track with the injectors.  It's 
not impossible to verify; you can pull the injectors, reconnect them 
to the rail and put the business ends into containers.  Repressurize 
the fuel system by running the pump somehow, seal up the containers 
so gas doesn't evaporate, and come back after a while.  If you end up 
with gas in the bottom of the containers...bingo.  That may not solve 
the smoking...you may have both a bad seal on the turbo -and- bad 
injectors(wouldn't that be fun :-)

oh, another option is simply taking the injectors to a overhaul shop. 
I've heard prices that make a complete overhaul cheaper than 1-2 new 
injectors.  Car is obviously out of commission, but you might find a 
place within driving distance; the shop to boot might be equipped 
with a professional fuel system/intake tract cleaning system(like 

>Thanks in advance for your input. BTW, as I am about to Hoppenize the engine

Sort out this first.  I'm sure your mechanic has said something to 
this effect :-)

>, should I consider replacing the injectors with non OEM ones??

Higher fuel flow injectors(if that's what you mean) require remapping 
the ECU, because the ECU doesn't realize that the same pulse 
dispenses more fuel; it can compensate ever so slightly for 
variations as the injectors age, but not that much.  Typically, an 
RS2-like turbo, injectors, and ECU tuned specifically for both are 
sold as a set.  Can't really mix and match higher HP components(I 
doubt there is a chip "just" for injectors.)

Also, if you haven't heard, make sure you include a better exhaust 
manifold if you plan on going past "just a chip"(pretty much the 
limit without a manifold, or you start burning valves because of 
cooling problems with #1&5 cylinders according to popular wisdom.)

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