[200q20v] RE:safe steering wheel removal

Rich Andrews r at cm183316-a.ftwrth1.tx.home.com
Tue Dec 12 23:30:50 EST 2000

You don't pry anything!  The old 5000's had a pry off horn but now 
you are talking about an airbag.  There are 2 holes on the backside 
of the wheel.  Those are access holes to 2 torx bolts.  Remove those 
and the air bag comes off.  I have to do my 1990 200 soon, so I will 
give you a blow by blow of the procedure, if you are willing to wait 
a few days.  It has been so long since I took off the steering wheel 
on a 200 that a lot of the details are missing right now.  Once I 
get into the job, they will all come back.  (:>)

rich andrews SR.

Beer, Jerry wrote:

> I need to replace the flasher/wiper stalk switch. Steering wheel needs to
> come off SAFELY. I can't seem to find an FAQ. Is there a link someone can
> point me to for directions?  I understand battery disconnect first, then
> wheel column cover comes off, then pry out horn, disconnect airbag disable
> switch, and then remove big nut holding on wheel(mark so wheel goes back
> on). Other than missing a step about removing a screw or bolt, anything
> obvious so the airbag doesn't deploy?? TIA
> Regards,
> Jerry 
> 91 200q20v
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