[200q20v] 91 200 20v Pancake

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I agree with all of Ingo's comments, which I read before seeing your post.
Now that I understand that this was a totally benign no fault accident, I
would only add:  

Change your attitude immediately about what they will and will not let you
do.  I would instantly prepare a full spec sheet with prices of what it
would cost to replicate your car, not "can I maybe find one for $8K" but at
full market retail whatever that may be. If you get _any_ pushback at all,
hire a lawyer.  You _will_ be bullied by the insurance co. if you let them,
but this is a "property and casualty" claim, not an auto accident.  You
deserve your property or a full equivelant, returned to you.

I would not remove the headlights or ECU, but rather add the full retail-as
delivered-plus tax cost to your spec sheet.  

Good luck, keep us posted, Fight!


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> Greetings Audi Friends and Audi Listers:
> While out of the country on business, I have received word 
> that my 91 200 Tq20v has been badly damaged.  It was parked 
> in a friend's carport when the carport was struck by a poorly 
> driven U-Haul van.  The carport collapsed and crushed the 
> roof  ("creased" in the exact words of my friend), damaged 
> all four fenders, hood, trunk, and busted out the rear window.  
> The insurance company is in the process of determining wether 
> or not to total out the car or not, so in the meantime I have 
> a few questions I hope you all might be able to help me out on...
> 1)   Can anyone suggest a top-rate body shop?  The car is 
> located in Ann Arbor, MI at the moment, I live in Livonia, 
> MI.. so anywhere in the West Detroit area would be appropriate.
> 2)  They claim the car is worth roughly 8000 bucks.  This 
> seems low,  I'm sure they always value them low so they don't 
> have to pay out so much.  Does anyone have any experience 
> with fighting the insurance company's valuation?
> 3) Does anyone know what salvage value of these cars 
> typically is?  All mechanical hardware should be perfectly 
> fine, including a new set of Euro-Headlights, 3B motor / 
> trans, Hoppen Stage I ECU, H&R Springs, Koni Sport Shocks, SS 
> Brake lines, new Hydraulic pump, new fuel pump, new TBV,, new 
> Bomb, new Brake Pads, etc etc etc.  I've heard rumors that 
> the engines go for 2-3k, so will the insurance company charge 
> me that much or more to buy it back from them?
> 4)  If anyone has had a car been "totaled" on them before, do 
> you know they let me swap back the original headlights, swap 
> ECU's etc etc before they take possession of the car?  I 
> would think I have the right to sell the non-stock items (NOT 
> included in their valuation) as long as I replace them with 
> stock ones  If this ends up being the case, of the above 
> listed items, is anyone possibly interested in any exchanges? 
>  The ECU and the headlights are the key components that 
> spring to mind there...
> 5) Does anyone have a really nice anthracite or black 200 for 
> sale for about 8000 bucks?  Haha don't think so , but I have 
> to ask.. I'll probably have to pay more than 8000 for 
> something as nice as mine was.
> If anyone has any BTDT on this type of stuff, I'd really 
> appreciate your input.  This is very upsetting to me, 
> compounded by the fact that I'm having to deal with this from 
> 5000 miles away.
> Thanks in advance,
> Keith Maddock
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