[200q20v] Slow cold starting

Craig Angus crangus at rof.net
Wed Dec 13 08:05:56 EST 2000


...  You might be on the right track with the injectors.  It's 
>not impossible to verify; you can pull the injectors, reconnect them 
>to the rail and put the business ends into containers.  Repressurize 
>the fuel system by running the pump somehow, seal up the containers 
>so gas doesn't evaporate, and come back after a while.  If you end up 
>with gas in the bottom of the containers...bingo.  That may not solve 
>the smoking...you may have both a bad seal on the turbo -and- bad 
>injectors(wouldn't that be fun :-)
>oh, another option is simply taking the injectors to a overhaul shop. 
>I've heard prices that make a complete overhaul cheaper than 1-2 new 
>injectors.  Car is obviously out of commission, but you might find a 
>place within driving distance; the shop to boot might be equipped 
>with a professional fuel system/intake tract cleaning system(like 

I just had my injectors done at 132k and it made a LARGE cold start
RC Engineering did mine (CA) although Marren (CT) does basically the same
thing for about $25 per injector.  Turn around time was one day and
they were out/in the car within three days (thanks to FedEx).  They basically
clean each injector by pulsing them in an ultrasonic bath of solvent.
They put on new O rings, pintle caps and filters and calibrate the flow of
each.  Mine showed problems in three of the 5 injectors (2 leaking, one had
low flow) but calibrated to within 1.1% of each other in terms of static
flow (approx 300-305 cc/min in the EFI injectors).  Marren reports playing
with the "cyling" and active flow (I made this term up) of the injectors to
make sure that they are "even" under operating conditions.  Each has a web

RC Engineering:	http://www.rceng.com

Marren:		http://www.injector.com

In my car's case, I think the extra smoke and delayed cold starts were due
to gas dripping on two of the injectors and perhaps a resulting loss of
pressure in the fuel line.  The guy who sold me on this process did his
injectors every two years--right before the emissions test and swears by

Good luck,
Craig in Colorado

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