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Ow.  Sorry to hear about this.  To answer your questions:

1)  Nope.

2)  Yes, they ALWAYS lowball the value of the car.  You can always gather 
information and present it to them, along with reciepts, etc, demonstrating 
the level of care the car has recieved and it's therefore higher value.  
Printouts, with the webaddress so they can check themselves, of 200TQ's for 
sale (Try www.karquattro.com-lovely site, professional audi sales 
specialists) will help your case.

3)   Salvage value varies hugely, but with the intact drivetrain and other 
euro pieces, I would say 3-4000.

4)   Yes, IF you do it before they get their hands on it.  Some places will 
let you strip off the good bits and just keep them anyway, it depends on the 
company.  I have helped strip $2000 in stereo equipment out of a friends car 
after it was totaled-car value was under $1k.

5)   Look around, you might be suprised.  KAR on MN sold a nice one for 
under $7K just recently.  Pearl white, of course, but you can always have it 
painted.  The key is to be willing to wait for the right car at the right 
price.  I waited 4 months for mine.


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Date: Tue, 12 Dec 2000 07:28:34 -0800
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Subject: [200q20v] 91 200 20v Pancake

Greetings Audi Friends and Audi Listers:

While out of the country on business, I have received word that my 91 200 
has been badly damaged.  It was parked in a friend's carport when the 
was struck by a poorly driven U-Haul van.  The carport collapsed and crushed 
roof  ("creased" in the exact words of my friend), damaged all four fenders,
hood, trunk, and busted out the rear window.

The insurance company is in the process of determining wether or not to 
out the car or not, so in the meantime I have a few questions I hope you all
might be able to help me out on...

1)   Can anyone suggest a top-rate body shop?  The car is located in Ann 
MI at the moment, I live in Livonia, MI.. so anywhere in the West Detroit 
would be appropriate.

2)  They claim the car is worth roughly 8000 bucks.  This seems low,  I'm 
they always value them low so they don't have to pay out so much.  Does 
have any experience with fighting the insurance company's valuation?

3) Does anyone know what salvage value of these cars typically is?  All
mechanical hardware should be perfectly fine, including a new set of
Euro-Headlights, 3B motor / trans, Hoppen Stage I ECU, H&R Springs, Koni 
Shocks, SS Brake lines, new Hydraulic pump, new fuel pump, new TBV,, new 
new Brake Pads, etc etc etc.  I've heard rumors that the engines go for 
2-3k, so
will the insurance company charge me that much or more to buy it back from 

4)  If anyone has had a car been "totaled" on them before, do you know they 
me swap back the original headlights, swap ECU's etc etc before they take
possession of the car?  I would think I have the right to sell the non-stock
items (NOT included in their valuation) as long as I replace them with stock
ones  If this ends up being the case, of the above listed items, is anyone
possibly interested in any exchanges?  The ECU and the headlights are the 
components that spring to mind there...

5) Does anyone have a really nice anthracite or black 200 for sale for about
8000 bucks?  Haha don't think so , but I have to ask.. I'll probably have to 
more than 8000 for something as nice as mine was.

If anyone has any BTDT on this type of stuff, I'd really appreciate your 
This is very upsetting to me, compounded by the fact that I'm having to deal
with this from 5000 miles away.

Thanks in advance,
Keith Maddock

Keith Maddock, TRW Automotive
Controls Engineering, Traction Control
Livonia, MI
(734) 266 - 3971
**In Arvidsjaur Sweden from 12/4-12/18 Office Phone # 46 960 57 862 **
keith.maddock at trw.com

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