[200q20v] Distributor - source for correct rotor

Glen Dustin Powell gpowell at ennovatenetworks.com
Wed Dec 13 15:51:22 EST 2000

I also had some doubt as to the ~$185US distributor price - but I bit my
tounge and wanted to believe it too..... The correct rotors are 'not
available' in the US, hence Blau's propogation of the wrong rotors. Call Rod
at TPC for the correct unobtanium-plated rotor @ 800-472-1144.



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Where were you able to find a distributor for $185ish; Neither Blaufergnugen
or GPR were able to get anywhere near that price (I'd heard both 300 and 400
dollars).  Also, checked my new rotor against the currently installed one,
and low and behold it was the wrong wide one.  Guess I was going on the
assumption that Blaufergnugen would pretty well likely send me the correct
piece.  Looks like I'll be returning that one.

And Paul, the thread you ran about the distributor back in July was the one
I had previously found; I guess I just didn't remember combing the archives
that far back, but did vividly remember seeing the information.

Thanks all again.

Derek Pulvino

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