[200q20v] blower motor replacement - how nasty a job?

Edwards, Gregg Gregg.Edwards at sycamorenet.com
Wed Dec 13 17:53:12 EST 2000

Is a blower and from a 100 series(year93/94) identical to the 200q20V

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It's technically not that tough a job, more like a major PITA.  I've got 
several postings on the various approaches taken by other list members.  I 
cheated on my 5KTQ blower motor by taking out the HVAC evaporator box 
because the A/C was nonfunctional anyway and not likely to get fixed.  But 
I did the usual routine on the 5KTQ parts car that supplied the blower 
motor for the other car so I could "practice".  That's what convinced me to 
remove the evap box.

At 08:53 AM 12/13/2000 -0800, james austin wrote:

>My heater's blower motor is starting to squeal a bit after it's been on for
>a couple of hours and I'd just as soon replace it BEFORE it stops
>My question is - how bad a job is the replacement?  Should I just take it
>the shop or do it myself?
>Jim Austin
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