[200q20v] winter oil and nasty comments

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actually, i just took a look at bentley and it recommends 5w-30/5w-20 for
temps of -20 to 20 degrees f and 10w-30/10w-40 for temps of 0 to 60 degrees
f.  but i recall one of my owner's manuals (can't recall if it's vw or audi)
warning against the use of 5w-30 or thinner for extended, high speed
driving.  i'll have to check next time.

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Follow the owner's manual for the average daily temperature range in your
region. If I recall if the average high temp doesn't reach much above 40
degrees F, 5W-30 would be the correct oil.


On Tue, 12 Dec 2000 20:49:05 -0500 "Bill Rowe" <browe58 at netzero.net>
>i use mobil 1 10w30 on my type 44's for nh winter temps.  i noticed
>makes a 5w30 as well as a 0w30 but i recall reading somewhere that
>advises against using anything thinner than 10w30.  what's your

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