[200q20v] Mixture....advice needed

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RevSport claims that the UrS4 injectors deliver more fuel then the stock
200's do even at stock fuel pressure.  Anyone have any idea of flow rates
for a S4 injector at 3.0 bar and 4.0 bar, compared with stock 3B

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>RevSport installed RC injectors..

>You nailed it Chris,
>bosch part number for the 91 3B injector is 0280 150 737
>my injector is bosch part number 0280 150 951 which is the S4 injector.
>the 3B is at 3.0 Bar the S4 is at 4.0 Bar.
>Now what?  will a S4 regulator fit?  I guess I will have to get an
>adjustable one.


Shouldn't RevSport be responsible if the wrong injectors were


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