[200q20v] Fogging windows!!! HELP!!

Kneale Brownson knotnook at traverse.com
Mon Dec 18 20:41:47 EST 2000

There's a door above and behind the glovebox that lets cabin air get to the 
fresh air intake when the air conditioner is on.  It is closed for heater 
operation.  Yours probably is open, meaning warm cabin air gets mixed in 
with the air supply going to the heater core,  resulting in very moist air 
back into the cabin.  It's probably open because the spring that holds it 
closed has cut through the plastic bar to which it mounts inside the HVAC 
evaporator box.  If you put your head in the footwell and look up past the 
back of the glovebox, you may be able to see the door.  The fix is to put 
something in there to hold the spring.  Most use a piece of tin formed 
around the bar.  Some have used zip-ties to make an anchor for the 
spring.  I had to take out the glovebox to have enough elbow room to get 
it  fixed.

At 07:03 PM 12/18/2000 -0800, Tim Sidders wrote:

>Hi all,
>I recently have discovered with all the snow we've been getting that my 
>windows are always fogging. I just had them tinted and i have cleaned them 
>really good once. P/O was a smoker, I know that tends to fog the windows. 
>I don't think my heater core is bad cuz I cant smell any antifreeze and 
>there is no film on the windows. Could this be caused by a bad fresh air 
>vent or something. Thanks for the help in advance!
>91 200 20v

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