[200q20v] Re: Remote Locks

Bernie Benz b.m.benz at prodigy.net
Tue Dec 19 11:22:35 EST 2000

The only inconvience with using one remote button for multiple
cars is when you park them close together and want to lock
one, you activate both/all systems.  No problem if you don't
lock your cars at home, i.e. garaged.  Another alternative,
which I considered but elected not to use, is that RKE
systems use two button remotes, so one button could be
programmed for each of two cars.

The Audi anti theft system disables the starter when locked,
but you could work around this in several ways.  Manual trannys
don't have an "I'm in nutral" switch, so you can't easily make
an idiot proof remote start, you must always leave the car in N.


From: "RICHARD MEZIC" <rmezic at keyspanenergy.com>
Date: Tue, 19 Dec 2000 12:25:12 -0500
To: <b.m.benz at prodigy.net>
Subject: Remote Locks

Remote key fob serving more than one car?  That's what *I* need!  I couldn't
figure out a way to do it so I've hesitated installing a remote system on my
'91 Audi and '97 Passat.  I'd like to have one remote for both cars.

I've also thought about a remote starter.  Some companies sell a combination
door lock / remote starter combination.  That would be the ultimate but I
haven't figured out a way to "neutralize" the starter if the car is in gear
(both cars are manual transmissions).  Any thoughts?

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