[200q20v] Fogging windows!!! HELP!!

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Wed Dec 20 14:13:01 EST 2000

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> I think that flap varies the ratio of alleged 'fresh' Vs recirc depending
> temps, etc, and the only time it remains fully closed (recirc) is on MAX
> A/C. (?)
> -glen

Actually, it is also fully closed on ECON setting. Mine tends to blow open a
1/2 inch or so at speeds over 90 or so. Not too bad in the summer - brisk
when it's sub zero.


Doesn't it catch up by changing the temp regulating flap position, when the 
interior temp drops?  Or is your brief excursions to 90 too short to do more 
than feel that cold wind?

I wonder if the flap spring is sprung/weak, or the mount is flexing/failing.

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