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Thu Dec 21 00:02:16 EST 2000

Back in '92, my folks' '88 Jetta GLI 16v (loaned to my sister) got ripped 
off in San Francisco (stripped for its Recaro seats).  The adjuster came 
back with a nonsense offer, based in part on an '87 Jetta GLI (non-16v) 
sale and a '88 GL offered by a local dealer.  Besides getting the wrong car 
to start from, he completely ignored overall condition of the car, deducted 
for the manual transmission (only thing available on that model) and a few 
documentable maintenance/repair and upgrades.  I pointed these out to him, 
starting with Edmunds and NADA book values, then itemized dollar amount 
adjustments line by line (usually up, of course) to reflect documentable 
maintenance and upgrades.  I also threw in a few intangibles to boot 
(original purchaser of car, enthusiast nature of car, frequent maintenance 
schedule, limited #s built in Germany vs Mexican production, etc).  Be 
reasonable in your requests--I didn't claim full retail for the year-old 
stainless exhaust or year-old tires, but the more complete you are, the 
more you justify your counter-offer.  In the end, we went from a low $6k 
offer to somewhere north of $9k.  I kept the car for $2250, poured another 
$2k into fixing it up (nowhere near original), and ended up selling it for 
about $6k--lesson--that was a lot of work to make $2k.


At 09:58 AM 12/20/00 -0800, Keith Maddock wrote:
>I'm starting to prepare some documentation in preparation for an 
>anticipated fight over the value of my (now crunched) 200.  I was 
>wondering if any of you could help out in the following areas:
>1) Recent vehicle transactions.. If you've bought or sold (or totaled) one 
>of these in the last few months, if you could let me know the price of the 
>transaction, and any details about the vehicle (mileage, condition, 
>parts/upgrades,  options (IE sport vs. comfort seats)...)...
>2)  Is there anyone can classify themselves as an expert in the subject of 
>the value of these cars.. I mean I know there are a lot of experts, but 
>someone who would be able to convince my insurance company of the validity 
>of their opinion?  I was thinking some sort of "appraisal" from an expert 
>might help..
>3) Any other data that anyone knows of that I could present to back up my 
>Thanks in advance,
>Vehicle Info:
>1991 200 20v TQ (sedan , manual trans)
>Anthracite Exterior
>Black Interior (Sport Seats)
>~131k miles
>Overall Condition: Much Higher than Average
>Front strut/brake swapover (from 93 100CS avant) with slotted rotors
>H&R Progressive Springs
>Shocks: Front Koni Sports, Rear Boge TurboGas
>SS Brake Lines
>K&N Filter
>Hoppen Stage 1 ECU
>Stock BBS wheels w/ Graspic winter tires were on the car at the time..
>Euro headlights w/ blau harness
>Recent maintenance (w/in past year)
>OEM Radiator
>Rebuilt Bose Rear speakers
>Timing Belt / Water Pump
>Cam Chain
>Front suspension bushings
>Hydraulic Pump
>Brake Accumulator
>Fuel Pump
>Keith Maddock, TRW Automotive
>Controls Engineering, Traction Control
>Livonia, MI
>(734) 266 - 3971
>keith.maddock at trw.com
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