[200q20v] re: intermittant "brake" warning light

Rob Winchell rbwinchell at yahoo.com
Fri Dec 22 04:13:49 EST 2000

Low Pentosin level. My car is doing the very same
thing right now, as it does every couple of weeks as
the green gold leaks out.

Rob Winchell

--- C1J1Miller at aol.com wrote:
> Had a strange intermittant fault yesterday, and
> again today.
> Driving on highway, normal operating temps, about 70
> mph.  "BRAKE" warning 
> light glows, goes off, glows, goes off...
> Accelerating seems to shut it off; braking has no
> real effect, and it is very 
> intermittant.  Plenty of assist at low speeds, ABS
> doesn't light up "BRAKE", 
> etc.
> When I start up after the car sits overnight or over
> a weekend, the light 
> stays on for several seconds, then goes out (and
> stays out).
> How does the power assist pump work... I had thought
> that 3-4000 rpm engine 
> speed would give max assist, so it would appear
> unlikely that I'm generating 
> insufficient assist.  After all, the light is
> flickering while I'm not using 
> the brakes or turning.
> Checked the brake fluid level; appears fine, but
> I'll check it again in 
> daylight and perhaps top it off.
> Thoughts?
> Chris
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